Why should you choose visit Jaisalmer during these difficult times?

The rustic sounds and sights of Jaisalmer have been intriguing visitors since times untold. The ecstasy of watching the sunrise just before the onset of winters from the dunes is something that should be experienced to be believed. The hospitality of the people from Jaisalmer famed worldwide and the savory local cuisines make the destination a foodie’s delight.


Let us consider a few of the top reasons to visit Jaisalmer!

1. Best time to visit

The present may be the best time to visit the golden city of Jaisalmer, go for excursions, sightseeing and enjoying camel rides, jeep trips, and more. September end marks the beginning of the best tourist season for a trip to Jaisalmer. It is neither too hot nor too cool, and one makes the best of the holidays.

2. Covid-free holidays

Jaisalmer is associated with sand dunes that stretch across vast, open spaces. With the social distancing norms becoming easy to follow, Jaisalmer makes the ideal destination for a memorable holiday trip with your family. It is safer than just about any other holiday destination that comes to mind.

A few of the hospitality vendors in Jaisalmer, such as Kanak Jaisalmer, take utmost precaution towards ensuring that while your Jaisalmer trip is mesmerizing, it is Covid-free as well.

The luxury tents at Kanak Jaisalmer are all located at least 10 feet away from others. The sanitization standards are top class, and the living environment is sanitized several times a day, ensuring that your loved ones and you yourself stay safe against the novel coronavirus. The matchless living environment, cultural programs, exquisite cuisines, and the prime location in the heart of Jaisalmer make it a trip to remember.

3. Great food


When at Kanak Jaisalmer, the culinary experience for all visitors is sure to be the best in the class. The organization uses only the local organic produce for creating delicious meals and ethnic cuisines that meet all visitors’ liking. They take all safety precautions for cooking the meals, which is also a part of their work culture.

4. A Jaisalmer trip will be safe

Since the onset of Covid-19, people have been postponing travel plans indefinitely. The spaciousness of Jaisalmer and the safety standards followed by Kanak Jaisalmer make Jaisalmer as safe, against Covid-19, as any tourist destination can possibly be.


So what are you waiting for? Plan your Jaisalmer trip today for a holiday experience of a lifetime!

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