Spending A Nomadic Yet Romantic Day At Kanak Jaisalmer

When it comes to romance, nothing proves your partner you care more than a romantic getaway in the countryside. However, while cities like Jaipur and Jodhpur might be known as some of the most romantic destinations in Rajasthan, they can also be fairly crowded and overrated. Finding an alternative destination to celebrate your love can not prove safer in this pandemic but can also be quite peaceful and offbeat. One destination that does justice to this tag is the Golden City of Jaisalmer.

Be it for cultural exploration or to unwind after stressful weeks, a romantic escapade or a family vacation, a trip to pay homage to the art or adventure junkies seeking an adrenaline rush, Jaisalmer is the best destination that won’t fail in surprising you. No matter whatever your wanderer’s fantasies you have in mind, this heritage city is ready to redefine your notions of grandeur and adventure with this trip.

One of the best ways to experience the regal leisure, adventure, and few moments of solitude is through Kanak Jaisalmer. From touring the cultural lanes and lush places to camel safaris and dune bashing, they have a myriad of recreations to offer.

Want to know what more we have to offer for a memorable offbeat honeymoon full of romance and adventure.

Living The Royal Life But In A Tent


‘Royal life’ is synonyms to royal palaces and Havelis but doesn’t always have to be the norm. Inspired by the designs of royal caravans of Rajputana, at Kanak we strive to make your vacation a romantic affair but with our twist. Set in the heart of the Thar desert, Kanak offers the allure of luxury with its tents and the inherent charm of the desert with its surrounding wilderness.

Imagine waking up next to your love in the finest suit fit for a king, taking the stroll in the wilderness while your partner enjoys the private pool, cherishing the simple pleasures of life.

Designed to ensure utmost privacy, some of the best suits / tents are the Jaipur Suit, Jodhpur Suit, and Jaisalmer Suit. In your pursuit to live the royal life, we grant you an expansive tent with a private bath, an exclusive view of the desert followed by a delicious dinner on us.

It’s time to step away from the race, and take time to relax, replenish and rejuvenate. Appreciating your desire to create beautiful memories with your partner, we promise to create unparalleled experiences that bring a smile on your face and remain etched in your memories forever.

Embark on a Desert Safari


The quintessential way of exploring a desert city is through desert safari, catching a glimpse of the authentic Rajputana heritage and flavour of the local cultures. Though adventurous in the description, most couples opt for Desert Safari to embrace the new culture, tours like these allow two people to step into a different time and life altogether.

Paired with an experienced native tour guide, these tours take travellers across the sun-kissed Thar desert leading to the nearby remote, native villages of Jaisalmer. Different from its portrayal in documentaries and travel shows, Desert Safari allows you to step closer to this rustic lifestyle and experience the perfect combination of curiosity, serenity, and romance.

Some of the other activities Kanak Jaisalmer offers is Camel Safari, Village Tour, Khaba Fort Tour, and Dune Bashing.

Explore The Haunted Kuldhara Site

Haunted Kuldhara Fort

Do you love to cuddle up and watch horror movies together? Do your ears perk up at the mention of haunted tales in a camp? Are you the couple that loves to explore offbeat spooky places? The Kuldhara village tour is the place for you. Intertwined with the conspiracy and corruption of then Prime Minister of Jaisalmer, Salim Singh, Kuldhara is a tale that attracts tourists from around the world.

Once a prosperous village inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins in the 19th century, Kuldhara was mysteriously abandoned by its residents in one night. According to folklore, the villagers abandoned their land because Salim Singh demanded the hand of the village chief’s daughter in marriage. In case the proposal is denied, he threatened to levy heavier taxes on the community. To avoid being cornered and compromised, the villagers fled in one night and cast a curse on the land. Till today, whoever tried to settle in Kuldhara has witnessed paranormal activities.

Now an archaeological site, Kuldhara Village Tour by Kanak will allow you to immerse in the region’s history, remains of the civilization, and exchanges between travellers and merchants in search of the unknown.

Dining On The Dunes

Dining on Dunes

Away from the picturesque interiors of heritage hotels, sprawling forts, and ornate restaurants lies Kanak Jaisalmer, a rustic desert resort excellent for couples who seek to leave the chaos of the city and enjoy this peaceful hideout.

Along with the array of facilities at your disposal, Kanak offers you a chance to relish local and international delicacies on the warm, golden dunes of Jaisalmer. Our farm-to-table approach offers daily menus filled with fresh, seasonal produce.

For a romantic evening, we recommend you attend the cultural night followed by dinner on the dunes. At Kanak, guests can enjoy access to unique and secluded locations for private dining.

Bonfire Under The Million Stars


If sleeping under a star-studded sky excites the two of you, then imagine gazing at the night sky in the rugged setting of Jaisalmer. Although the regal tents by Kanak Jaisalmer provide the finest royal experience, the charm of sleeping under a million stars can never get old. More than an experience it allows you to breathe in the timelessness of desert life, and feel the peace and calm that hugs your very being.

Whether it is enjoying the fairy-tale-like staying in the heart of the Thar desert in the royal tents or spending a peaceful night in the arms of your partner under the canopy of stars, we promise you a magnificent time.

To make your night even more special, get in touch with the resort staff in advance, the arrangements are sure to leave you content and surprised. In your spare time, check out the cultural night or sit back and watch the magnificent sunsets followed by a romantic candle-light dinner under the stars.

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