How To Be A Mindful Guest During A Pandemic?

For the last several decades the hospitality industry has crafted numerous ways to create evocative communal spaces like lobbies, lounge areas, decks, and cafes, for people to cross paths, get together, celebrate or simply relax. With the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, public places are no longer safe, and meeting people in a crowded lobby or a buzzing cafe is now stress-inducing. This violent shift in the mindset has left all of us reimagining the simplest gestures like how we greet to how we travel. After months of living this new normal, we are confronted with two seemingly contradictory human desires: a longing for social interaction and the other is safety.

To satisfy these two insatiable desires without compromising on comfort and convenience – Kanak Jaisalmer is your destination. Located in the heart of Thar desert away from the chaos of the city, Kanak Jaisalmer is your tranquil oasis. Embracing the concepts like solitude and sustainability, Kanak believes in preserving its immediate surroundings and offers its guests a chance to connect with wilderness and the peace that follows.

With an inventory of only 10 indulgent tents, set with a distance of 50 feet or more between them, valuing its guest’s privacy and abiding by the physical distancing rules. Many expect this pandemic to the pre-COVID world again.


Now that travellers around the world are slowly taking their first post-lockdown trips again, the things we once took for granted during a hotel stay like daily in-person housekeeping, room service, check-ins and check outs have become much harder to keep up due to new safety regulations.  While we have never been more appreciative to welcome guests, there are a lot of things you can do to help us get through these difficult times because creating a safe environment for everyone should be a two-way effort.

Book Online


To avoid unnecessary interactions booking via email or through Kanak’s website is the best way to proceed. This process ensures that independent businesses such as Kanak receive the full amount of your bill. Booking engines can take up to 20 per cent in commissions, making a significant impact on the business’s bottom line. More importantly, a direct line of communication with us is essential in a time where travel restrictions can change almost overnight.

Plan Ahead & Share Information Beforehand


An additional benefit of booking directly is the ability to communicate your preferences about tours and desired activities before your arrival. Not only does this reduce unnecessary facetime, but it also helps us offer you an experience tailored to your liking. Kanak Jaisalmer has always emphasized on providing a private experience of activities such as dune bashing, village safari, dinner on dunes, city tour etc. and when it comes to the folk performances, our team ensures the proper distance between the tables adhering to the physical distancing norms, keeping the artists and our guests safe.


For the tour, we trust our in-house guide to accompany the guest and thus not exposing you to strangers even during the outdoor activities. Hence, communicating ahead will help our staff plan a better and safer experience.

Take It Easy On Housekeeping

Part of the appeal of being on a vacation is not having to think twice about tidying up after yourself. You leave your room in the morning and arrive back to a wrinkle-free bed at night. But in these times, where virus transmission is still a worry for housekeeping staff, these little luxuries come at a price – mental peace. Though all the staff members must wear masks and gloves all the time, to be extra cautious we have introduced contactless housekeeping.  Aside from changing sheets, towels, napkins etc, each tent is sterilized and kept unoccupied for 24 hours after every checkout. Every common point is sanitized and disinfected every two hours by our team.

Kanak Jaisalmer House Keeping

Moreover, practice social distancing and mask up when you’re around housekeeping or other staff. You might be in a carefree vacation mood, but they are still at work. We request you to let the little things go.

Extend Your Stay

Kanak Jaisalmer has kept the privacy of the guest at its topmost priority. We wish to provide the guest with a homely experience and thus we have made the traditional practices like the housekeeping, check-ins and check-outs, contactless. In theory, staying longer at the same property also means your contact bubble will be smaller since you’re interacting with the same staff and guests, so the risk of potentially spreading or catching the virus decreases significantly.


Though Kanak Jaisalmer’s entire staff has been living at the premises since the lockdown and all the staff members have been checked negative for Covid-19. You can support independent businesses in these difficult times by extending your stay.

Let Us Take Care Of You

Small and independent hotels, especially in developing countries, play a key role in an ecosystem of micro-businesses and locals depending on them for their daily income. With fewer guests to tend to, hotels will not be able to book their services as often. Skip the endless list of things to do, book additional tours and activities organised by your trusted hosts, Kanak Jaisalmer and enjoy your vacation in safety and peace.

As service providers and independent businesses, the challenges that COVID-19 has financially forced upon us are exponential, your decision to trust and book us for your Jaisalmer trip is a contribution that can make the biggest impact. By simply enriching your experience, you are providing opportunities to people who currently need it the most – the locals of Jaisalmer.

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