Jaisalmer, the land of the golden fort, sand dunes, and the enchanting palaces is home to millions of people. Tour of the small villages near the camp will enable the guests to gain insight into the daily life of the locals. For Jaisalmer, festivals, fasts, and ceremonies are an integral part of life, these moments will allow you to delve deeper into the rural culture. It is the art of being content in one of the harshest climatic conditions that will touch your heart and live with you forever.

The rural life of Jaisalmer is simple and beautiful. This tour will give you a chance to meet village diginatories, traditional homes, and gain valuable insights into the Indian village society. We invite you to come and enjoy Jaisalmer’s way of life.

Haunted Kuldhara Fort
  1. How can we explore the culture of Rajasthan, India?

    To explore the real essence of Rajasthan we recommend you attend the cultural night at Kanak Jaisalmer that highlights the traditions of the land. Secondly, we suggest you take the village tour to understand the life of the natives surviving in the desert.

  2. Why is it important to take the tour of the village?

    The heart of Rajasthan resides in the rural areas. Visits to small villages near the camp enable our guests to gain insight into daily community life and illustrate the importance of community upliftment that Kanak strongly believes in.

  3. What are some of the most off-beat tours that Kanak Jaisalmer offers?

    Offbeat things that Kanak offers are: desert camping, dune bashing, desert safari, camel safari, village tour and a visit to the haunted Kuldhara village.

  4. Is the visit to nearby villages in Jaisalmer worth it?

    Yes, the visit to the village will be worth it. The tour will help you gain valuable insights on Indian village society, and their belief and indulge in the daily routine of the locals.