Relishing the local and international delicacies on the warm, golden dunes of Jaisalmer is an eclectic affair. Cooking with the homegrown organic ingredients, we promise you a night brimming with gastronomical delight and laughter. Choose from the menu or go for live cooking, we will create an experience tailor-made to suit your particular desire, or mood, anywhere on site. We invite you to spend dine on the dunes under the starlit sky while sharing the pleasant lore of the day.   At Kanak, our designed menus combine a fusion of Indian and European cuisine, with traditional Indian dinners cooked on outdoor clay ovens. The nourishing homegrown ingredients, handpicked from our organic herb and vegetable garden add depth to an entire experience. For the guests looking for authentic camp experience, Live cooking is an enduring feature where unwind after tracking in the wildlife for the day . We welcome you to share stories over delicious food, surrounded by wild grasses and under the canopy of a starlit sky.

Dream Dinner Set-up

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