Untouched wilderness and the infinite stretch of the golden sand is what makes the desert of Jaisalmer an alluring destination. The best way to explore the wide riches of the desert and chase the picturesque sunset is the desert safari. Riding the 4×4, open-top jeep, you may spot native animals like Chinkara, White Footed Fox, Asiatic wildcat, and Black Buck. On a blessed day, one can witness the majestic Great Indian Spotted Eagle and Great Indian Bustard, now an endangered species.

At Kanak, we let nature take charge by following the schedule of our wild neighbours. For a great safari, we recommend an early start for your morning drive. Our customized 4×4 jeeps, with a guide on board, will let you experience the Thar wilderness close and personal.  At the same time, your local guide will take you to a less trodden path to discover new areas, exotic animals along with creating memories with the natives.

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FAQ About Desert Safari Tours

  1. Which desert tents in Jaisalmer offer desert safari?

    Multiple places offer desert safaris, one of them is Kanak Jaisalmer. We provide you with customized 4×4 Jeeps and an expert for a safe yet adventurous time.

  2. Which is the best Desert Safari Camp in Jaisalmer?

    Travellers and tourists have enjoyed Desert Safaris hosted by Kanak Jaisalmer. They also offer Camel Safari and Dune Bashing.

  3. Which places provide the best safaris in Jaisalmer for couples?

    For the couple seeking the adventure, Kanak Jaisalmer offers packages like desert and camel safari. After a day in the wild, we can arrange a romantic dinner on the dunes for you.

  4. What is the best time to do Desert Safari in Jaisalmer?

    The best time to do Desert Safari in Jaisalmer is the months from October to March. Jaisalmer is a hot and dry city located right in the heart of the Thar Desert. These months are comparatively cold with a temperature of 10°c to 27°c.