The clear night sky of Jaisalmer provides the perfect opportunity to spot constellations with the naked eye. Venture into the wild under the clear night sky when the chilly evening breeze creates a romantic ambience. A date night where you share the delicacies and delicate sweet nothings, surrounded by wild grasses and under the dome of a starlit sky. It is a fairy tale experience personalised to perfection by our staff. We offer a range of western and traditional specialities on demand that can be served in more secluded areas of the camp and be shared over the conversation.

The inspiration behind lighting the bonfire under the sky is to slow down and focus on the moment. With the crackling of the woods in the background, the sparkling bubbles in your glass and love in the air, Kanak raises a toast to romance.

The idea behind Kanak is to offer serenity while preserving the culture of Rajasthan. The fact that Kanak is located away from the chaos of the city, offers the inhabitants a rejuvenating escapade.

We invite you to a splendid journey leading to a heartening experience. Your stay will offer peace to your mind and tranquillity to your soul. The entire experience is exclusively curated in an invigorating manner that is as rooted in the culture as it is entrancing in its appeal, right here at Kanak Jaisalmer.