About Kanak Jaisalmer

A tranquil oasis set dramatically in the wilderness of Jaisalmer, Kanak is a private estate that celebrates the panache of the Golden City. Drawing inspiration from the travelling caravans from a bygone era, at Kanak you can witness the primal allure of the desert and the wilderness that surrounds it, unchanged since the dawn of time.

The serene life at Kanak transcends from mere luxury to a transformation experience. It is enriching for those in search of adventure and extraordinary; rejuvenating for the ones who desire to detach from chaos of the city.

A sophisticated blend of grandeur and ecology, Kanak offers a medley of royal fineries, with modern amenities, all in a camping experience. Located intimately in the heart of the desert, there is no better place to discover the enchanting environs of Jaisalmer and devour the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.